Residential Property Tax Appeals

Raila & Associates, P.C. assists residential property owners of Chicago, Cook County and Illinois seeking residential property tax relief.  We help owners reduce their assessed value for savings on current or future tax bills, and in some cases obtain refunds.

The firm has experienced legal counsel and staff to assist owners, managers and tenants in achieving tax relief. The firm also can refer clients to appraisers and other professionals who can support our efforts to achieve tax relief.

Send us a Property Tax Information Request form to begin the process. If you are a homeowner or owner of a 1-6 unit building, you can request a free evaluation to determine the fairness of your assessment and chances for property tax relief by completing this form. Or you can call 312-587-9494, prompt 4 today to speak with one of our Residential Case Analysts.


Our team can guide you through the tax appeal process, which can include an appeal of your property assessment based on Lack of Uniformity, Overvaluation and Property Description Errors or changes to your property’s condition. These appeals can be made with county Assessors, Boards of Review and at the Property Tax Appeal Board in Illinois.


Are You Aware that many counties have at least five exemptions and Cook County has eleven? If you live in your home or recently improved it; are a senior citizen or long-time resident; are a veteran or disabled person – one of our case analysts can help make sure your exemptions are accurate.  Property owners missing exemptions may be eligible for appeals or refunds as far as three years back – sometimes worth hundreds of dollars.


On tax appeals, you pay only if Raila PC helps you win tax relief. With each favorable agency decision, clients typically are billed a percentage of the first year’s estimated savings (savings can last up to three years).

The firm educates consumers and clients about their rights and responsibilities in the assessment and appeal process; informs clients of their case status and decisions; and helps them understand their tax bills and invoices. Most importantly, the firm persistently pursues subsequent agency appeals until fair tax levels are achieved.

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