Raila & Associates, P.C. assists and represents taxpayers of all kinds with real estate tax appeals for residential property (single family and 1-6 unit buildings), commercial property (7+ unit rental properties, businesses, industrial and retail property, farms and vacant land), and those related to condominiums, townhomes and cooperatives.

You pay only if we help you win tax relief.

We are persistent and will pursue appeals at different agencies until you achieve fair taxes.

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Our Services Include

  • Conducting Free Evaluations
    of your property tax assessment
  • Gathering documentation and evidence
    to help support successful appeals
  • Verifying accuracy of public records
    descriptions, classifications, exemptions
  • Filing appeals for Tax Relief
    representing you at county and statewide agencies
  • Applying for refunds from prior years
    correcting assessment, exemption, and other errors
  • Discovering & recovering assets
    including duplicate and inadvertent payments
  • Monitoring property tax / Assessment
    watching for long-term tax relief opportunities

Raila & Associates, PC provides free property assessment evaluations for prospective clients so that they may know if they have a chance for tax relief. Our team determines if a property appears to be fairly assessed or if our representation can assist in an appeal for an assessment reduction. All property owners, even if they are not clients, are invited to attend a free Property Tax Information Session. These tax talks inform participants about the assessment and appeals system so they are better prepared to hold a property tax consultant or professional accountable, or appeal on a DIY basis.

Our team gathers evidence that supports the case for an assessment reduction, investigating comparable residential properties and by delving into issues of condition, valuation, income, occupancy and relevant market forces for both residential and commercial cases.

We can’t guarantee results for any client, but can assure we’ll provide professional and persistent effort on your behalf.


Although challenging assessments by filing appeals at county and statewide agencies is the primary service of the firm, Raila PC also can help clients examine their property descriptions, classifications and exemptions to determine if there are other opportunities to correct a property’s official record and save on taxes. We can further assist taxpayers with the discovery or recovery of assets; for example, when property owners mistakenly overpay tax bills or duplicate the payments of escrow agents.

In certain qualifying instances — when errors in assessment, exemptions, or characteristics are present — clients may be eligible for refunds for up to three prior years, and when engaged to help, Raila & Associates, PC will represent the case and see it through the entire process.

Clients engage our firm for one tax year at a time, but most of our new clients renew our services as long as they have an opportunity for tax relief. Once our services have been engaged, Raila PC monitors assessments going forward, re-contacting clients with changing circumstances and assessments, and the cycle of services begins again.


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