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Raila & Associates, P.C. is a law firm assisting residential and
commercial property owners achieve property tax relief.

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Qualified attorneys and experienced staff of case analysts, real estate brokers, paralegals, and referred professionals — all focused on helping owners, managers and tenants save on property taxes.

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Raila PC seeks to inform clients and the public about property tax assessments and appeals – including making systems more accessible, understandable, accurate and fair for taxpayers, owners and tenants.

Latest News


Reminder for Chicago and Cook County Property Owners – your tax bill and Senior Citizen exemption applications are due by March 1st .

Deadlines Announced — Reassessments and appeals have begun in South & Southwest suburbs of Cook County, starting with River Forest and Riverside, and followed soon by Oak Park and Cicero.

Taxpayers in Northern Illinois and “Collar Counties” — WATCH for your first installment tax bills this spring – around May 1st.

When you “Spring Forward” March 12th, it also is the perfect time to verify the accuracy of your Homestead exemption. Please ensure that you are receiving your Homeowner exemption, only on the property you reside in, to avoid penalties and get the tax relief you deserve. Check with your local Assessor or call Raila PC for a free Exemption Check-Up.