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Cook County Seniors – Exemption Application Deadlines Extended !

Cook County Seniors – Exemption Application Deadlines Extended !

With the worst of winter behind us, take some time to focus on tax savings available to you – your exemption discount on property taxes!

All eligible Cook County property owners seeking an assessment freeze must apply each year.  Seniors and lower income elderly property owners in Cook County who have not applied this year need to do so.  Click, complete and submit Senior Exemption Applications

The deadline has been extended to April 30th, 2018.


For everyone else, it’s a good time to add or waive exemptions if your circumstances have changed. Taxpayers should verify that they received their proper Homestead exemption last year (see your 2nd installment tax bill).

If you think you have missed exemption savings for previous years, you may be eligible for a refund.


See our self-help Resources Page at for links and info on how you can save money.

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