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Congratulations Rogers Park Business Alliance !

Congratulations Rogers Park Business Alliance !

Raila & Associates, PC salutes the Rogers Park Business Alliance (RPBA), which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary by highlighting businesses in the community that are hidden “Gems”.

Non-profit economic development groups like RPBA, as well as Chambers of Commerce,

provide vital advocacy, services and support to their commercial districts.

They, with their dynamic members – usually owner-investors in retail business and leased housing, help assure that commercial corridors are safe, clean and that new investments conform to standards of which residents and patrons can be proud.

We are proud to be members of RPBA and any number of chambers, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.  We collaborate with them on raising awareness of the assessment and appeals system, including providing Self-Help “Resources” for their members and co-hosting “no-obligation” Tax Talks.  See our big “Community” for a list of all those we support.   We urge you to support them, too!

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