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Long-Time Occupant Exemption

Long-Time Occupant Exemption (LTOE) enables taxpayers to receive an expanded homeowner’s exemption with no maximum exemption amount (source: Assesor’s website).


Long-Time Occupant Exemption requirements state that taxpayers must have:

  • Owned and occupied their residence for more than ten years
  • A total household income of $100,000 or less and
  • An assessment increase for their property that was significant enough to exceed the maximum amounts set by the state legislature.

source: www.cookcountyassessor.com

Forms and General Information

Exemption forms and general information are provided by the links below:

WARNING: Although the tax savings derived from the LTOE can be significant, if your assessment or market value is reduced even by less than 2%, then some or all of the savings from the LTOE may be removed.